Southern AER

Atmospheric Education Resource


One goal of the SERCC is to promote and emphasize weather and climate science education so that students and teachers can develop an understanding of weather and climate and its impacts on the Southeast region.  In coordination with the American Meteorology Society's Project ATMOSPHERE, we continue the outreach to teachers by providing this quarterly publication to educators in the region. 

Teachers, look here for the answers to the quizzes and activities.

Click on the season to view a Southern AER publication.  Note:  Publications from 2002 to present are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader please click here.
Year Season Topic Year Season Topic
2005 Spring 1999 Spring Hydrologic Cycle
Summer Summer Hurricanes
Autumn Autumn Greenhouse Effect
Winter Winter Atmosphere
2004 Spring 1998 Spring El Nino
Summer Urban Heat Islands Summer Acid Rain
Autumn Ocean Currents Autumn La Nina
Winter Ice Regulator Winter Lightning
2003 Spring Climate Controls 1997 Spring El Nino
Summer Humans and Climate Summer Hurricanes
Autumn   Autumn Clouds
Winter   Winter El Nino
2002 Spring Tornadoes 1996 Spring Tornadoes
Summer Hurricanes Summer Drought
Autumn   Autumn  
Winter Extreme Weather Winter Winter Weather
2001 Spring Earth-Sun Geometry 1995 Spring  
Summer Ultraviolet Radiation Summer  
Autumn Weather Instrumentation Autumn Olympic Planning
Winter Wind Chill Winter Hurricanes
2000 Spring Mapping Weather  
Summer Map Reading Skills
Autumn Drought
Winter Snow