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Southern AER

A Quarterly Activity Bulletin of The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources-Southeast Regional Climate Center
Summer 2001
Volume 7, No. 2

Ultraviolet Radiation

Activity Corner:

UV Radiation Wordsearch

Quick Quiz

1. What are two harmful consequences from being in the sun too long?

2. How many types of UV radiation are there? What are they called?

3. What are two cities in the southeast that have UV forecasts?

4. What are five things you can do to help prevent UV rays from harming you?

You can also check out the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA)SunWise School Program on-line. This site has activities and information for students and educators.

For more information about ultraviolet radiation, you can check out the EPA's web site . Or for more information on the UV Index, you can check out the Climate Predication Center's webpage.

To view the current UV Index forecast for the the United States, click here. For more links, click here.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of websites linked to by SERCC web pages.  However, the SERCC/SC DNR are not responsible for the contents of any "off-site" web pages referenced from the DNR server.
Special thanks to the EPA and its website for providing information used on this page.

Southern AER
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