Chapel Hill, North Carolina

March 4-7, 2008

Workshop Attendees



Workshop Information

The link to Workshop Attendees is the list of those that attended the 2008 Workshop in Chapel Hill, NC.

The Program provides a daily schedule and gives presentation titles and authors.  For each presentation there is a link to the abstract.

Abstracts/Presentations gives a direct link to all Abstracts & Presentations in alphabetical order. Oral and Poster presentations as treated together, with the later being indicated as Posters. Abstracts are unedited except that they were all given a consistent format.

Workshop Information details some of the logistics of the event.

Details for CPASW 2009 in Norman, Oklahoma


It is anticipated that the presentations given at the workshop will be placed on this web site as soon after the Workshop as possible, and later made available to attendees in CD format.  Authors will be solely responsible for the content. For the web version, authors are asked to adhere to a 10MB limit for each presentation.