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Monthly and Seasonal Climate Information

Monthly Statewide Precipitation and Temperature Averages

1895 - 2019

Select a variable and a state or southeast(added 8/10/2016) to view a table of Statewide Averaged Data:

**Data Tables Now Include Monthly Averages & MAX/MIN Values**

Updated Through April 2019

As of February 2014 the State Average Data methodology and data values have changed - Full Details Here



NCEI (formerly NCDC): U.S. Climate Division & State Averages History

NCEI (formerly NCDC): State Annual and Seasonal Temperature Time Series

NCEI (formerly NCDC): Temperature & Precipitaion Maps

NCEI (formerly NCDC): Climate at a Glance - GIS Map

SCIPP (Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program): Chart Maker

SCIPP (Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program): Seasonal Trends

SRCC(Southern Regional Climate Center): Monthly State Average Data Trends(1895-2018)

NOAA's NCEI National Climate Report

A monthly review of the weather and climate in the U.S.

As of October 2007 the Monthly Climate Watch is part of the NCDC U.S. National Overview


Southeast Monthly Climate Report

A monthly/annual review of the weather and climate in the southeast.