The Weather Quiz for

Sunday January 17 , 2021

DESCRIPTION: The Weather Quiz is composed of weather-related questionsthat have been randomly selected from the SCO quiz question master list. The test is targeted at elementary school students, but may provide some challenge to people of all ages (we were even stumped on a few). The quiz is updated daily with a new list of questions; however, you may see some questions repeated from day to day (give us time to add more questions to the master list).


1) Respond to each of the questions below by pressing the button next to the answer you think best answers the question above. These questions are not intended to be trick questions.

2) Make sure to answer ALL questions in order for your score to be used in the calculation of test averages.

3) Press the "Grade" button at the bottom to see how your score stacks up against your classmates.

1) Why don't hurricaines occur all year long?

2) The range between the daily maximum temperature and the daily minimum temperature is usually greater if the air is:

3) Very powerful cyclonic storms that form over warm tropical waters are called

4) Which cloud often has an anvil-shaped top?

5) The region in the U.S. with the greatest annual frequency of hail is:

6) The Coriolis force is strongest when the wind speed is ___________ and the latitude is ___________.

7) On approximately what date is Earth farthest from the Sun?

8) What is the driving force of weather on earth?

9) A lunar halo is caused by the moon shining through what type of clouds?

10) What is a radiosonde?

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